Texas winter storm and icy driving conditions (2023)

7:22 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

More than 12 million people under ice storm warnings, NWS says

More than 12 million people are under ice storm warnings, according to the National Weather Service as of Wednesday night. About 7 million people are under winter storm warnings.

The NWS is predicting the ice storm hitting much of the south, especially parts of Texas, will pass through by Thursday. The winter weather warnings are mostly in Texas, Arkansas, parts of Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Here's a look at the map:

In Texas, hundreds of thousands of people are still without power across the state. With temperatures forecast to be below freezing, here are some things you can do to stay warm if your power is out.

First, if you are using a generator, make sure it is at least 20 feet outside and away from your home, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Austin, Texas, Emergency Management also recommends:

  • Wearing several layers of clothing. Each player should be lightweight so that air can circulate, but warm.
  • Even if you're inside, don't be afraid to wear hats, mittens and blankets.
  • Close the curtains around your windows.
  • Try to stay together in one room and close the door.
6:13 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Temperatures could say below freezing until tomorrow across parts of the South

The cold, icy weather could stick around parts of the South overnight, before finally starting to clear up many places Thursday morning, according to the latest forecast from CNN meteorologist Jennifer Gray.

Nearly 340,000 people are without power in Texas, according to PowerOutage.Us, as the storm works its way through the state. Temperatures will not get back above freezing until later Thursday or Friday for some people, Gray said.

Reports of sleet and ice have been coming in across the South and mid-South, Gray said, with Dallas, Texas, recording at least half an inch of ice already.

Watch the latest forecast:

(Video) DFW weather: Drivers in North Texas try to maneuver icy roads
6:08 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Widespread freezing rain persists across North Texas, National Weather Service says

From CNN's Taylor Ward

Freezing rain is falling across northern Texas and the National Weather Service (NWS) expects problems on roadways to increase after dark.

“Widespread freezing rain continues this afternoon across much of North Texas,” the Dallas NWS said.

The NWS credits sunlight for melting some of the ice this afternoon despite temperatures remaining below freezing.

“Incoming solar radiation … is working on some of the ice pack on area roads and we are seeing melting despite air temperatures in the upper 20s,” they said.“While this may lead to a false sense of relief, there is still a substantial threat for considerable icing, especially as we head into the evening hours.”
4:36 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

More than 300,000 customers are without power in Texas due to severe winter weather

From CNN’s Andy Rose

Power outages in Texas as a result of this week’s severe winter weather are now topping 300,000 customers.

The tracking websitePowerOutage.us showed347,598 electric customers without power as of 4:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, mostly in areas just south and east of Dallas.

The National Weather Service in Dallaswarnedthat road conditions Wednesday night are not expected to improve as temperatures remain below freezing.

(Video) DFW ice storms: Looking at road conditions in Plano, Texas
4:26 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Flight cancellations top 2,000 across the US

More than 2,000 flights have been canceled across the US so far today, according to the flight-tracking site FlightAware.

The winter storm is wreaking havoc in the skies, with most cancellations and delays in Texas at Dallas-Fort Worth International, Dallas Love Field and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

American Airlines and Southwest are the top affected carriers.

Texas winter storm and icy driving conditions (2)

3:43 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Freezing rain is starting in Little Rock and Memphis, according to weather services

Texas winter storm and icy driving conditions (3)

The National Weather Service stations in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee, report that freezing rain has begun around the two metro areas.

This is the third round of the ice storm, according to both services.

"We expect this to continue and expand across much of the southern 2/3 of the state through tomorrow morning," according to NWS Little Rock.

NWS Memphis advised drivers to avoid traveling if possible due to the messy conditions.

(Video) Winter storm dropping into Texas this weekend causing icy roads
4:34 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Connecticut governor activates severe cold weather protocol to go into effect Thursday afternoon

From CNN’s Joe Sutton

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced earlier this week that he is directing the state’s severe cold weather protocol to go into effect beginning at 12 p.m. ET Thursday until Sunday as the state prepares forextremely cold air and strong winds later this week.

“Don’t be fooled by this mild weather that we are experiencing right now, because it looks like a blast of arctic air and winds will impact Connecticut later this week and this weekend,”the governor said in anews releaseon Monday.

With the kind of severe cold weather that is headed our way, frostbite can develop on exposed skin in under 30 minutes. Spending long periods of time outdoors in these conditions is not only harmful, it can be fatal. Shelters and warming centers are available across Connecticut. Anyone in need of a safe place to stay warm is urged to call 2-1-1 to get connected to a nearby location, and transportation can be provided if needed.”

The severe cold weather protocol, the governor said, is activated "to ensure that the most vulnerable populations receive protection from the severe cold conditions, which could be life-threatening if exposed to the elements for extended periods of time."

The northern portion of the state including the city of Hartford, is under a wind chill watch, according to the National Weather Service New York Office (NWS).

2:15 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Group of Jeep owners rescue more than a dozen stranded semi-truck drivers in Dallas-Fort Worth area

From CNN’s Caroll Alvarado

A group of Jeep owners has set out to rescue trapped drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area as an ice storm continues to sweep through.

“Carnales Off Road” is a group based out of Dallas whose members gather to share their love of Jeeps and raise money for good causes, founderJorge Coronilla Muñiz told CNN.

“It’s not the first time we’ve done this during bad weather. We try to help as often as possible,”Muñiz said.

On Tuesday, several semi-trucks got stuck on I-20 and had to be rescued by the group who showed up with about 30 Jeeps to help tow the trucks.

“Before we got to I-20, we also helped a few other cars who were stuck on the streets,” Muniz said. “We eventually came across the standstill on Interstate 20 and helped an additional 20 trucks.”

(Video) DFW winter storm: Traffic backed up for miles on North Texas highway

Muñiz saidhe and other group members began helping stranded motorists early Tuesday morning and didn’t stop till 10 p.m. local time.

“Everyone was very grateful for our help, especially the truck drivers. Some even asked if they we were going to charge them for the help, but we told them we were just there to help," he added.

The group is back out on the roads Wednesday and will also assist medical professionals who have reached out asking for help with getting to and from work,Muñizsaid.

The group plans to pick up some nurses from their evening shift at Parkland Health andescort them home, according toMuñiz.

The group has been around for a year and a half and organizes back-to-school giveaways, toy drives and cancer fundraisers,he added.

1:55 p.m. ET, February 1, 2023

Woman killed when her truck hit a tree off an icy road in Texas

From CNN’s Chris Boyette

A 49-year-old woman was killed this week when she lost control of her truck on an icy road in rural Texas, police said.

Sherry Lynn Taylor was driving her Chevrolet pickup truck on US 277 just north of Eldorado around 9:40 p.m. local time Monday night when she lost control of the vehicle, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Her truck went into a side skid and struck a tree.

Three weather-related deaths have been reported this week in Texas as three rounds of freezing rain and ice have wreaked havoc on travel.

On Tuesday, Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services said one person was killed after a 10-car pileup in Austin. Police in Arlington also said Tuesday that one person was killed when their vehicle rolled over.


What number do you call for road conditions in Texas? ›

For road conditions requiring immediate attention call 800-558-9368.

What does TxDOT put on icy roads? ›

De-icing: Magnesium chloride pellets are mixed with sand to help remove thick layers of ice already on the road.

How do I find out about road closures in Texas? ›

While road conditions can change rapidly, DriveTexas.org is an industry leader in providing some of the most accurate and up-to-date travel-related information currently available to drivers in Texas.

What are 3 tips for driving in snow or ice? ›

Fast facts: How to drive in snowy weather

Gently accelerate the vehicle using low revs and shift to a higher gear as quickly as possible. Maintain a greater braking distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. If the car begins to skid, try not to panic. Steer gently into it.

How do you prepare for an ice storm in Texas? ›

Prepare days before a freeze

Remove water hoses and wrap outdoor pipes. Drain and turn off your lawn sprinkler system. Turn off the water to your clothes washer if it's in an unheated garage. Store your lawn equipment in a garage or shed to keep them in good condition for next year.

How do I prepare my car for icy roads? ›

Winter Checklist for Vehicles: How to Winterize Your Car
  1. Check your tire tread. When getting your car ready for winter, be sure to inspect your tires for tread wear and rotate them during every oil change. ...
  2. Fill up your tires. ...
  3. Consider snow tires. ...
  4. Change your oil and antifreeze. ...
  5. Fix your heater. ...
  6. Inspect your battery.

What type of drive is best for icy roads? ›

All-wheel-drive systems deliver power to all four wheels at the same time, or they automatically engage torque to all four wheels when needed. That's why all-wheel drive is best for driving on snowy and icy roads. With all-wheel drive, the driver does not have to use guesswork.

How do you stop a car on icy road? ›

Use light, steady pressure on the brake pedal to maintain the right speed. This allows your braking system to maintain traction. If you don't have ABS, start slowly and keep it slow by lightly pumping the brakes. Never use cruise control in icy conditions.

What is the most congested highway in Texas? ›

When it comes to truck traffic, that part of I-35 ranks number one as the most congested section in the state. Overall, Loop 610 between Interstate 10 and US Highway 59 in Houston ranked first for the most congested roadway in Texas.

Is there an app for Texas Road conditions? ›

Austin - The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has launched a new online map application, DriveTexas™, that provides travelers with real-time traffic conditions, traffic and weather feeds, as well as links to other useful travel information.

Are there roads in Texas with no speed limit? ›

The new 183 South toll road doesn't have any speed limit signs. The new 183 South toll road has been open since early 2021. The 8-mile highway runs from U.S. 290 East down to Texas 71 near the airport.

Does Texas have free roadside assistance? ›

About Highway Roadside Assistance

The safety of Texas' motorists is one TxDOT's top priorities which is why the department offers free roadside assitance through its Highway Emergence Repsonse Operator (HERO) program.

How do I get free roadside assistance in Texas? ›

Motorists Helpline

Call toll free 1-800-525-5555 if: Your vehicle is disabled or you are stranded on the side of the road.

Who to call for local road conditions? ›

Check Current Highway Conditions

You can also call 1-800-427-7623 for current highway conditions.

At what temperature is it not safe to drive? ›

120 degree heat can not only pose a safety risk for you but can also contribute to your car overheating faster or more excessively, especially considering you need to keep the A/C on to keep yourself safe, so you will also expend more fuel.

What are 5 things you should do when driving on snow and ice? ›

  1. Stay home. Only go out if necessary. ...
  2. Drive slowly. ...
  3. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. ...
  4. Increase your following distance to five to six seconds. ...
  5. Know your brakes. ...
  6. Don't stop if you can avoid it. ...
  7. Don't power up hills. ...
  8. Don't stop going up a hill.

What is the best braking technique on ice and snow? ›

Use Threshold braking

Successful threshold braking should prevent your car from onward skidding. The goal here is to apply the brakes while watching wheel stability. If your wheels are locking up in the process, release pressure and apply the brakes again. Avoid pumping the brakes.

At what temperature do pipes freeze in Texas? ›

According to Texas A&M University, water pipes can freeze and burst when the outside temperature reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Is Texas going to have a cold winter 2022? ›

Overview. Extremely cold air mass shifted over Texas on December 22, 2022, causing temperatures to plummet across the state. Much of Texas endured temperatures below freezing - in some cases well below freezing - for dozens of hours.

What is considered a hard freeze in Texas? ›

What is a hard freeze? The National Weather Service describes a hard freeze as an extended period when temperatures stay at 28 degrees or below.

What is the fastest way to melt ice on a car? ›

How to Get Ice off a Windshield Fast in Winter
  1. Turn your car on, and be sure to set your defroster settings on “high”.
  2. Spray a mixture of salt and warm water on your windshield. ...
  3. Use a rubbing alcohol and water mixture on your windshield to remove any remaining ice from your windshield.

How do you avoid spinning on icy road? ›

Choose a higher gear to avoid wheelspin

Keeping your car in a higher gear won't help the situation, as it increases engine revs and causes the vehicle's wheels to spin more quickly. Selecting a higher gear helps keep wheelspin to a minimum, allowing the car to more effectively navigate slippery surfaces.

What is the best tire pressure for icy roads? ›

30 to 35 PSI is generally recommended as the ideal tire pressure for winter temperatures, but the exact recommended pressure varies depending on the type of vehicle and how low the temperature drops. Ultimately, it's important to check your vehicle's owner's manual and go with the recommended tire pressure provided.

Should you drive fast or slow on ice? ›

Keep the steering wheel straight and maintain your speed – don't hit the brakes. Use the gears to slow down if necessary, but avoid any sudden movements that could destabilise the car.

Should I use 4WD on icy highway? ›

QUESTION: Is four-wheel drive better for icy roads? ANSWER: Yes, all wheel and four-wheel drive are better in ice and snow.

What temperature are icy roads most slippery? ›

Thus, ice is most slippery when temperatures are near freezing (26-32F) and is much less slippery when temperatures reach the single digits and below. So if the air temperature is just below freezing and ice is on the roadway, extra care is warranted.

What to do if your car starts to slide on ice? ›

Here are some tips to help you in case your vehicle begins to skid on snow or ice:
  1. Remove your foot from the accelerator. Using your accelerator will spin your vehicle's wheels, so it's the last thing you want to touch in the event of a skid. ...
  2. Avoid slamming on the brakes. ...
  3. Steer away from the skid. ...
  4. Don't oversteer.
Jan 11, 2018

Are you supposed to pump your brakes on ice? ›

If your vehicle doesn't have antilock brakes, manually pumping can help maintain control on slippery roads. Gently apply and release pressure at a moderate rate. Do not apply quick or steady pressure, as this can cause your wheels to lock and your car to skid.

Should you tap your brakes on ice? ›

Ice is extremely dangerous when it is on roads and highways. When your vehicle hits a patch of ice, your first instinct might be to hit your brakes. Resist this urge, however, as it could lock your vehicle up and make sliding worse. This is especially true if you have an anti-lock brake system.

What is the slowest speed you can drive on a Texas highway? ›

If you are driving on highway not numbered by Texas or the U.S. and outside an urban district, the limit is 60. All drivers are expected to obey the posted Texas speed limits. You should drive at the same speed as the flow of traffic and be aware of how fast you are going.

What highway has the most accidents in Texas? ›

I-45 is the most dangerous road in Texas and the second-most dangerous road in the country. Connecting Galveston to Houston and extending to Dallas, the highway averaged 56.5 fatal accidents per 100 miles over an eight-year study conducted by the Accident Data Center.

Where is the highest speed limit in Texas? ›

The highest posted speed limit in the country is 85 mph (137 km/h) and can be found only on Texas State Highway 130, a toll road that bypasses the Austin metropolitan area for long-distance traffic.

Does WAZE tell you if roads are icy? ›

Waze can help alert you to road conditions before you leave your front door. Waze is a community-based traffic app that offers real-time road conditions. Drivers with Waze share road information with others on the app so you'll know if a road is covered in snow or has black ice before you leave your home.

What's the best app for road conditions? ›

20 Best Free GPS Navigation Apps & Traffic Apps for 2022 |...
  • Google Maps.
  • Waze.
  • MapQuest.
  • Maps.Me.
  • Scout GPS.
  • InRoute Route Planner.
  • Apple Maps.
  • MapFactor Navigator.

What is the best road condition app? ›

  • Hit the Road With These Top Android and iOS Apps. ...
  • Android Auto (Android: Free) ...
  • Waze (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • GasBuddy (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • TollSmart (Android, iOS: $2.99 monthly) ...
  • TollGuru (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • iExit (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • Drivvo (Android, iOS: Free)
Feb 12, 2020

Are you allowed to go 5 miles over the speed limit in Texas? ›

No matter what you might have heard or been led to believe, it's never legal to exceed the speed limit on a Texas road. You risk being stopped by an officer and ticketed every time you do. Going even one mile per hour over the speed limit could result in hundreds of dollars of fines and costs assessed against you.

Is driving too slow illegal in Texas? ›

The Law in Texas

Texas Transportation Code Section 545.363 provides: “An operator may not drive so slowly as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with the law.”

What happens if you go 20 miles over the speed limit in Texas? ›

Driving at excessive speeds could also lead to a reckless driving charge. For example, driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit could land you with a reckless driving charge. Reckless driving could also mean that you drove too fast for road conditions, even if you drove within the speed limit.

When driving in snow and ice How should you drive? ›

Gently accelerate the vehicle using low revs and shift to a higher gear as quickly as possible. Keep your speed down, be aware of potential hazards, and give yourself enough time to brake and steer. To reduce the chances of the wheels slipping, use the second gear instead of the first gear.

How do you drive on ice and snow? ›

Here's how to drive safely on ice and snow
  1. Pack a winter driving kit. ...
  2. Always deice your vehicle before driving. ...
  3. Drive slowly with headlights on low and avoid frequent stops. ...
  4. Carefully exit parking spots. ...
  5. Keep as much distance between your and other cars. ...
  6. Take the hills as slowly as possible.
Jan 29, 2022

What do you do if your car is sliding on snow and ice? ›

Here are some tips to help you in case your vehicle begins to skid on snow or ice:
  1. Remove your foot from the accelerator. Using your accelerator will spin your vehicle's wheels, so it's the last thing you want to touch in the event of a skid. ...
  2. Avoid slamming on the brakes. ...
  3. Steer away from the skid. ...
  4. Don't oversteer.
Jan 11, 2018

How do you drive on ice and snow 4x4? ›

When your 4WD system is set to 4H, you can drive fast, but not too fast. Most automakers suggest keeping the speed at 55 MPH or less. With 4H, you gain more traction on icy, snowy, muddy, and rocky roads. For instance, you might want to shift into 4H if you're driving on a snow-covered road that leads to a ski resort.

What are 5 tips for driving in the snow? ›

  • Stay home. Only go out if necessary. ...
  • Drive slowly. ...
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly. ...
  • Increase your following distance to five to six seconds. ...
  • Know your brakes. ...
  • Don't stop if you can avoid it. ...
  • Don't power up hills. ...
  • Don't stop going up a hill.

What is the minimum time gap on an icy road? ›

Furthermore, the gap should be at least doubled on wet roads and increased still further on icy roads. To use the rule, drivers should allow the vehicle in front to pass a fixed object such as a lamp post or road sign then count to two seconds.

Is a heavy or light car better in snow? ›

Lightweight: Lighter cars are more likely to slip and slide on snowy roads than heavier vehicles. Low ground clearance: It's easy to damage the undercarriage of vehicles with low ground clearance when driving in wintery weather. They're also prone to get stuck in the snow, potentially leaving you stranded.

Do tire chains help on ice? ›

Snow chains also provide the greatest amount of traction on ice, packed snow, and deep snow. Snow tires don't do as well as snow chains in deep snow. Another great feature of chains: you can easily install and remove them yourself!

Does AWD help with driving on ice? ›

AWD vehicles can help you get out of snowed-in parking spots, tackle unplowed roads and accelerate on slick surfaces. But without winter tires, they're not nearly as capable as they can be. AWD does little to aid turning and braking on snow and ice vs. a two-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with all-season tires.

Should you pump your brakes on ice? ›

If your vehicle doesn't have antilock brakes, manually pumping can help maintain control on slippery roads. Gently apply and release pressure at a moderate rate. Do not apply quick or steady pressure, as this can cause your wheels to lock and your car to skid.

How do I stop my car shaking when it snows? ›

How to Fix a Car That's Shaking After a Snowstorm
  1. Remove the Snow and Ice from the Wheel with a Glove or Hot Water. Remove snow and ice from the wheel, rotor, and wheel well. ...
  2. Remove Refrozen Snow or Wait for the Snow to Melt. Snow left in the wheels before and after driving may refreeze.
Feb 9, 2018

How do you steer out of sliding on ice? ›

Turn your front wheels in the same direction that the rear of the vehicle is sliding. You've also heard about "turning into the slide". These both mean the same thing. For example, if the back of your car slides to the right, turn the wheel to the right.


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